Platinum Hounds Betting Rules

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Platinum Hounds Betting Rules

Platinum Hounds is played subject to the Platinum Hounds Rules as well as the Terms and Conditions of the SBOBET website. The SBOBET Terms and Conditions will apply to any situations not covered by these Platinum Hounds Rules but, in the event of any inconsistency, these Rules will prevail. By playing the Platinum Hounds Game you agree to be bound by these Platinum Hounds Rules, the Terms of the Site and the General Rules (where relevant).

  1. Platinum Hounds is a fixed odds betting game. You can place a variety of fixed odds bets on the outcome of form based virtual dog races. Eight virtual dogs race around a virtual track and the dog that passes the finishing line first wins. Betting opportunities are on the first dog to pass the finishing line and also on the second and third dogs to finish in a certain order.
  2. You have a choice of the following bet types on races running with eight dogs:
    Win – pick the winner in a race.
    Place – pick one of the first 3 dogs to finish.
    Forecast – 2 dogs in the same race to run 1st and 2nd.
    Reverse Forecast - 2 dogs in the same race to run 1st or 2nd in ANY order.
    Tricast – 3 dogs in the same race finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the specific order.
    Combination - 3 dogs in the same race finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in ANY order.
  3. The races take place 'on demand', 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. This means that the races are not pre-scheduled; instead they start when you confirm your bets. Therefore, notwithstanding anything in the Terms and Conditions of the SBOBET website, you will not receive a confirmation message in order for your bet to be valid.
  4. In order to play for real money on Platinum Hounds you first need to login to your SBOBET account.
  5. We do not accept bets by telephone or e-mail. SBOBET staff cannot place bets on behalf of customers.
  6. The maximum payout per bet is SGD 200,000 including stake.
  7. The theoretical percentage Return to Player (%RTP) is dependent on bet type selection and related result frequency. The %RTP on the game varies per bet type:
    • WIN and PLACE games have an %RTP of 94%.
    • FORECAST and TRICAST games have HIGH PAYOUTS, and lower %RTP of 91% and 81% respectively.

    Potential wins above the maximum payout per bet allowed will be capped and this will adversely affect your %RTP.

  8. After the race has been carried out, any winnings accrued will be credited to your SBOBET account.
  9. The form figures for the dogs at Platinum Hounds are shown as historical results only, they are not an indication of the chances of a dog in a race. Although every effort is made to ensure that the statistics are in every way accurate and a true reflection of the game’s historical data, we will not be held responsible in the event of any error.
  10. SBOBET cannot be held responsible for a bet not being placed for any reason, including but not limited to; computer malfunctions and failure of telecommunications or internet connections.
  11. All bets placed at Platinum Hounds are for the race number as specified. A bet is deemed accepted only when the Operator has allocated an identification number (a "Bet ID") to it.
  12. Bets offered may be altered from time to time.
  13. Platinum Hounds bets cannot be combined with any other betting event.
  14. Once a bet has been confirmed, it cannot be altered or cancelled by the customer.
  15. These rules may be amended by the Operator at its absolute discretion from time to time.
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